My new book Fiction is now available! Click Here! You can order and see a free 25 page safe for work preview of it’s 80 pages.
Featuring Katie West, Faye Daniels, Star St. Germain, Aemilia McMorbid, Nikkotine, Andrea Craver, and Bunny Greene, in addition to other models you’ve seen in my work before; Eirinn, Justice, Shayla, Torrie, and a new face: Sarena.
Comprised mostly of photos from my cross-country road trip, I couldn’t be more excited or more proud of any work that I’ve done. Every photo is a dream come true for me.
Thank you and please help spread the word!
Some questions you might have and answers:
What’s the book about?
It’s all photos, no writing, featuring the beautiful, talented, and amazing ladies listed above.
What about self-portraits?
If you count the cover, two. However, there are no solo self-portraits.
Is there an ebook version?
Yes! Available for iPad, you can click here to purchase it.
How long will it be available?
Quite a while. As long as I can keep it available.