Women of the Empire
(Warning: I’m told that this story may be dangerous while driving, and that it COULD make you pee from laughter. This is from reports I’ve been getting from the field, and we’re all better safe than sorry)
Dr. Josepha Raven Blackwell
"I have been informed," said Dr. Blackwell stiffly, "that is is not lady-like to wander around with ones arms exposed and that I have been scandalizing my fellow agents." She held out her arms in front of her, "But you must understand that  it is so much easier to remove the fluids I deal with from flesh than fabric!"
Dr. Blackwell grabbed his lapels and pulled him close to her face, a sly smile appearing on her face.  “Have some sympathy for my position, Sir,  I am so often elbows deep in some kind of pulsating opening, and most creatures prefer the tender feel of flesh.”