Project Idea: The One-Shoots
Project Concept: A series of  photography oriented Kickstarters for the production of small-scale photo projects. These projects would be aimed at producing a single photograph, take a day to shoot, and the rewards would be prints of the photos produced from that shoot. These would be projects would result in a cool, unique photograph where the artists involved in helping could be paid a fair wage for their services.
Examples would include concepts such as: Chuck Wendig fighting a bunch of Zombies, Hanner Gatling on top of a cannon while a handsome young man holds her beer, a fashion shoot with martial artists as the models, Mur Lafferty on a throne of human skulls, a photo constructed like a film still from the story of a free podcast novel, post-apocalyptic freedom fighters, Jared Axelrod and a team of sky pirates.
Needed for Project: Misc, but likely including models, makeup artists, custom costumes and prints.
Project Idea: Baby Shoes
Project Concept: Taken from the short story: For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn: This project would be an examination of my experience of grief and the loss of a child, as told through a series of surreal portraits of women. Portraits would focus on the visceral feelings of grief, emptiness and loneliness, often using horror imagery to evoke a feeling in the viewer. 
Needed for Project: Models, Special Effects makeup artists, location rental for show, prints, graphic designer services for book production.
(Photograph of Deva, from a series that I’ve already produced)
Project Idea: The Doctor Mercury Art Book
Project Concept: An art book and show featuring photographs and fiction of Dr. Mercury, the star-child supervillain who eats sunlight, drinks blood, and meddles in the relationships of superheroes. 
The photographs would be me and a selection of models and actors dressed up as Dr. Mercury and as the people inhabiting Dr. Mercury’s world. Shoots would take place at locations that fit the look of that universe and photograph sites there, including sites with black beaches, volcanoes and fields of ice.
This project would also include a series of short stories to go with the photographs, creating an art book for Dr. Mercury that features my photography and written work with possible contributions from other select artists.
Needed for Project: Makeup artists, costumes, models, props, space rental, travel, funds for prints, books and a gallery show.
(Photo of Dr. Mercury)
Project Idea: The Wild
Project Concept: Create a photo book from a fairy tale world that follows a young woman as she runs away from a terrible arranged marriage into a wilderness of monsters. The monsters take the forms of mermen, vampires, pixies and other creatures as they pull her into a surreal vision and away from her life. The story is a coming of age tale, but also the story of being pulled between the destruction of the soul and destruction of the body.
Needed for project: Space rental, makeup artists, costume design, materials for costumes models, dolls, props.
(Photographed: Liza, the costume designer I’d work with on this project, in a costume she made for The Battle of Blood and Ink.)
Project Idea: Female Game Designers
Project Concept: Photograph female game designers from indie rpg designers to video games to help female game designers gain more visibility in the industry. Produce photos that capture the the personality and the inspiration of these game designers. 
Interview these women and produce a book that demonstrates, in their own words, who these designers are both as professionals and as individuals.
Create a website that would have the photos and bios of these women, as well as the ability to update the site as new female game designers emerge.
Needed for Project: Airfare for travel to various sites and conventions to meet with female game designers, printing costs, website design.
(Photograph of Filamena Young, RPG designer)
Project Idea: Occupy Les Misérables 
Project Concept: Using the imagery of the Occupy Protests, take a series of photographs that follows the story of Jean Valjean. The main characters wear the clothing of the french revolution, where the background settings and characters dress in modern attire using many of the symbols of the Occupy movement, with occasional overlap as these two visual elements clash and mix. 
The project would draw correlations between current and past social injustices. Past protests and uprisings are often romanticized and idealized, where current protest moments are highly criticized.
Needed for the Project: A cast of committed actors, time to research the occupy moment to make sure that my intent and execution is clear, extras, costumes, designers, makeup artists, rental fees for locations, money for gallery rental, printing and show.
(Pictured: Jerry, who would be my Valjean)